Experience in root’s   biostimulation

We are proud to provide the widest experience in root’s biostimulation. Allied with nature, we contribute to the production of healthy crops. We are internationally recognized as leader for developing biorational solutions focused to improve fresh food quality and harvest productivity.

More than 60 years of experience in technified agriculture allow Innovak to develop and commercialize biostimulants that solve critical problems in crops. The objectives and technology shared with farmers, as well as the philosophy of taking care of the health of the land, respecting the environment and excellence in the production of healthy crops, are focused on the root.

Our roots


At Innovak Global we develop and market biorational products and innovative technologies to contribute to a sustainable agriculture


Be the company with the largest market share in the area of biostimulant products in Latin America.


Our values


Generate new ideas to do things differently by breaking paradigms. Get inspired, because it is worth making mistakes but not trying.


Provide, in a teamwork environment, maximum support with humbleness and simplicity exceeding expectations of our internal and external clients.


Consistency between what we think, say and do. Speak the truth and be honest. Justice and fairness.


Leave a mark on this world and give meaning to our work to positively influence a sustainable nature.


Unconditional love and dedication for what we do. Work hard, with persistence and courage to finish what we started.

Recognition and Certifications


It is an international certifier that guarantees organic producers the certainty of efficient and reliable certification processes, assuring the consuming public a product backed by the quality of its seal.

It is a certifying body that offers an independent review for branded products to be used as inputs in agriculture and organic processing. OMRI standards are based on the United States National Organic Program (NOP) and the Canadian Organic Regime (COR) standards.


Organizations who have reached an acceptable basic quality level, in the evolution of their operational and administrative systems, based on the National Model for Competitiveness (SMEs or large companies) are awarded with this recognition.

It is awarded to participating organizations that achieve the highest score in the annual evaluation, based on the National Competitiveness Model or the Model for Competitive MSMEs and have 3 years of experience in quality management systems.

Awarded to organizations that in the competition cycle have achieved the highest improvement score of a total quality management system with respect to the previous cycle. In order to gain this recognition, it is necessary to participate in at least two continuous editions.

It is awarded to companies that have participated consecutively in the Chihuahua Model for Competitiveness and that in turn have shown improvement by generating competitive value for their stakeholders.

Category: Large Agricultural Export Companies
Awarded by the Mexican Ministry of Economy for being synonymous with global competitiveness and the engine of the country’s economic growth.