Biostimulants Brazil

It is a line of formulations aimed at increasing the productivity of crops, improving the quality of harvested fruits or reducing damage caused by environmental stress. They are products for easy application to the root or by foliar spraying in low doses that influence the metabolism of plants to improve the performance of their functions.

Liquid adjuvant

Transplus improves the performance of active ingredients (insecticides, herbicides, nutrient fungicides or bioregulators) in foliar applications.

Transplus is a formulation based on concentrated extracts of ECCA Carboxy® that, due to its surfactant action, improves the wetting of the surface of the plant tissue or the objective to be achieved, favoring the movement of the active ingredients in the conducting tissues through the translocation action of acids. ECCA Carboxy contained in its formulation.

For best results, it is recommended to include other additives that have a different action in the spray solutions, such as pH regulators or adhesive spreaders, as needed.

  • Improves coverage of leaf spray
  • Causes a more effective response from the active ingredients of foliar application.
  • Reduce costs by reapplying agrochemicals applied by leaf spray.
  • In cases where the applications are made mixed with herbicides, it increases the speed of control and prolongs the regeneration period.
  • When mixed with fungicides, insecticides, nutrients or growth regulators, its response consistency increases.
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