Promotes rapid recovery and restoration of growth in crops exposed to stress conditions (i.e. high heat, drought conditions, toxicity, low light, low temperatures and transplant shock).

It induces the synthesis of polyols within the plant, which act as compatible solutes to hydrate the plant cells and to protect the plant inner cellular enzymes that work to upregulate the production of ATP energy molecules to restore the plant’s healthy metabolic growth activities quickly and for up to 21 days after application.

  • Reduces losses in yield and quality caused by biotic or abiotic stresses.
  • Recovers crops after periods of stress caused by poor management.
  • Regains plant vigor and strong plant growth of the crop after transplanting or a dormancy period.
  • Prevents and remedies the symptoms caused by poor carbon metabolism, i.e. spring fever.
  • Reduces phytotoxicity caused by the inadequate application of agrochemicals

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