Crop protection

It is a line of formulations aimed at increasing the productivity of crops, improving the quality of harvested fruits or reducing damage caused by environmental stress. They are products for easy application to the root or by foliar spraying in low doses that influence the metabolism of plants to improve the performance of their functions.

Biofungicide for control of root diseases.

It prevents the attack of persistent phytopathogenic fungi throughout the growing cycle in an efficient way.

Rhizo TX® acts for nutritional, stimulation and root health effects, preventing diseases caused by persistent microorganisms that are not easily manageable with agrochemicals for crops with pressurized irrigation. Rhizo TX® contains ExuRoot®, enhancing the rapid colonization of beneficial microorganisms.

  • Prevents the incidence of root diseases caused mainly by Phymatotrichopsis omnivorous, Phytophthora sp., Rosellinia sp. and Fusarium sp.
  • The root remains protected for long periods.
  • Stimulates root and crop growth through biological action.
  • Easy to use and apply formulation.
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