Soil Conditioner

A specific line of soil conditioning formulations designed to resolve problems of soil compaction and salinity to improve overall soil health and crop productivity. Easy-to-use products for every irrigation system (Flood, drip, or sprinkler) or mixed in dry form with granular fertilizers for broadcast application methods. Its rapid effectiveness to correcting soil compaction and salinity issues is backed by more than fifty years of agricultural use and research.

Soil conditioners

Promesol Ca+ creates a soil structure which benefits root growth, water infiltration and aeration, helping to produce a beneficial soil structure that protects crops from high soil salinity stress.

The ECCA Carboxy® it contains facilitates the supply of calcium to the membranes and cellular walls of the roots, maintaining its integrity and protecting it from high soil salinity stress. It also aids in the formation of beneficial soil aggregates, which improves the soil structure for quality crop production.

  • Loosens the soil by permitting better crop development.
  • Facilitates tillage.
  • Improves efficiency of irrigation or rainwater use.
  • Expedites the growth and planting of bulbs, tubers, and roots which grow below ground.

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