Soil Conditioners Chile

It is a line of formulations aimed at solving soil compaction or salinity problems, used in most crops. They are products that are easy to apply by any irrigation system (gravity, drip, sprinkling or micro sprinkling) or mixed with granulated fertilizers. Its effect is fast and forceful backed by its use in agriculture for more than 50 years.

Soil conditioners

It generates a good physical soil structure to favor root growth, as well as humidity and aeration conditions.

Promesol 5X is a formulation based on concentrated extracts of ECCA Carboxy agricultural husks that attract soil particles forming aggregates that generate a good macro and micro pore balance, making a spongy soil easy to tillage.

  • Decompacts the soil allowing a better development of the crop.
  • Facilitates the tillage of the land.
  • It helps to make the best use of irrigation or rainwater.
  • Facilitates the growth and harvest of tubers, bulbs and roots that grow below the ground.
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