A line of formulations aimed at increasing crop productivity, improving the quality of harvested fruits, and reducing damage caused by environmental stress. They are easily applied to roots or through foliar spraying in low doses to  have positive influence on the metabolism of the plants to improve the plants metabolic functions and overall performance.

Packhard upregulates the plant’s organoleptic metabolic functions and morphological characteristics, such as, fruit firmness, color, taste and shine. Packhard increases the shelf life of fruit and vegetables, and statistically reduces post-harvest disease.

It promotes the biosynthesis of pectins that maintain cell binding, encourages the translocation of calcium and boron from the fertilizer into the fruit, and strengthens the cellular walls of the fruit tissue. As a consequence, it increases firmness, prolongs shelf life and reduces post-harvest fruit diseases.

  • Better fruit quality which distinguishes the brand.
  • Increases fruit firmness and packability.
  • Reduces losses due to fruit rejection.
  • Reduces physiological disorders such as: Blossom end Rot, Tip Burn, Bitter Pit, flower and fruit cracking, Black Heart, among others.
  • Longer shelf life of flowers, fruits and vegetables
  • Highlights the organoleptic characteristics, such as, color, taste and shine.

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