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With ECCA Carboxy technology, INNOVAK products work completely naturally for fields so they are easily assimilated by the plant. This technology focuses on various segments to solve specific problems of technified agriculture.

Apply fast-acting Nutri-K directly to leaves as needed. Nutri-K uses the same patented technology as Nutri-Cal for quick delivery directly to the plant. The two products can be used in combination. Fast-Acting Protection against Drought and Disease. One of the most critical components for healthy plants is potassium. Potassium leeches out of soils easily, causing frequent deficiency in plants. Curling leaves and brown or yellow spots often indicate a potassium insufficiency. Potassium-starved plants are far more likely to succumb to drought stress, fungal attach or frost damage, and produce much smaller fruit.

The organic acids contained in the formulation enhances an effective flow of potassium, at translaminar level and by conducting tissues to the sites where requires, causing a rapid response in size, color and ripening of fruits.

  • Prevents and corrects potassium deficiencies.
  • Increases the size of fruits, bulbs and tubers.
  • Promotes an efficient carry of reserves to storage organs.
  • Induces good ripening and color of the fruit.

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