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Simply add 3 oz. of Nutri-Cal Concentrate to a gallon of water and spray on plant leaves once per week during the growing season. Fast-acting Nutri-Cal provides superior disease protection, larger yields, improved drought resistance and longer shelf life. For use on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and grass. 30 years of field tests prove its efficacy.

Nutrical formulation contains 8% of highly soluble Calcium and carboxylic acids. The carboxylic acids, which are the complexing agents derived from plant extracts in a patented process create intermediate stability calcium chelates; that protect the plant from the cuticle and epidermis of the leaf or fruit allowing easy flow through conduction tissues and effective entry into the demanding cells.

  • Reduces or eliminates many disorders due to calcium deficiency.
  • Enhances stress tolerance.
  • Promotes a longer storage and shelf life.
  • Easy foliar application.
  • Improves harvest quality.
  • Regular application of Nutri-Cal throughout the growing season provides available calcium for better organoleptic properties.
  • It causes rapid response in crops.
  • Non toxic
  • Non corrosive

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