National Export Award 2019 ────

In September, Monterrey Nuevo León, Mexico, the 2019 National Export Award ceremony was held, in which Innovak Global was the winner in the Large Agricultural Exporting Companies category awarded by the Ministry of Economy for being synonymous with global competitiveness and driving force economic growth in the country and important generators of more and better jobs.

Congratulations to the entire Innovak family!

4th World Congress of Biostimulants ────

(World Biostimulants Congress)

In November, we had the opportunity to participate for the first time in the World Congress of Biostimulants organized by New AG International in Barcelona, Spain as exhibitors of our value offers in a Stand and in the presentation of 2 scientific posters on the use of Packhard in cherry and on the mode of action of Nutrisorb; Dr. Ali Assaf was in charge of the research team.

Likewise, it was an honor that great allies and distributors of Innovak such as Fresco Ecuador and BWC of California joined us for 3 days to share experiences and impressions on the management of Innovak value offers.

¡Congratulations to the entire Innovak team that made our participation possible!