Crop protection

It is a line of formulations aimed at increasing the productivity of crops, improving the quality of harvested fruits or reducing damage caused by environmental stress. They are products for easy application to the root or by foliar spraying in low doses that influence the metabolism of plants to improve the performance of their functions.


NemaRoot® controls populations of different genus of phytoparasitic nematodes (Meloidogyne sp, Pratylenchus sp, Helicotylenchus sp, Radopholus similis, Xiphinema sp, among others) and generates healthy roots.

NemaRoot® contains the fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus that acts by parasitizing nematode eggs and female nematodes. NemaRoot® also induces the exudation of compounds that favor the colonization of the Paecilomyces lilacinus fungus and other native beneficial microorganisms that stimulate root development and activity.

  • Control nematode populations by keeping them below the economic threshold.
  • Avoid the explosive generation of nematodes, after the control.
  • The root is continuously protected once the fungus establishes itself in the rhizosphere.
  • It does not generate resistance in nematodes.
  • Root activity is maintained for long periods.
  • It is environmentally safe, which facilitates its handling and application.
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