ECCA technology

ECCA Carboxy is the Ecotechnological process of obtaining Aromatic Carboxy compounds with a biostimulant effect.

Certified organic, from our patented process that gives rise to Carboxy Acids, the only organic acids with proven effect.

The ECCA Carboxy method is the set of knowledge and skills that Innovak Global has developed to obtain extracts from agricultural husks; it is the identification, isolation, purification and concentration of compounds or groups of compounds with specific beneficial effects on crops, either alone or in combination with nutrients, growth regulators, beneficial microorganisms or metabolites from these.

The process also involves familiarity with the mechanisms of action of the active principles contained in the formulations, highlighting the biostimulant effect initiated by the stimulation of the oxidative cycle of pentose phosphate that leads to the biosynthesis, within the plant, of certain key compounds that influence the processes of nutrient assimilation, tolerance to abiotic stress or strengthening of plant tissues.

Benefits  ────


Excellent auxiliary for healthy and environmentally safe agricultural practices.


High efficiency and safety of its biological effect due to its easy assimilation into the plant.


Allows the specific use of Ecca Carboxy fractions for each agricultural challenge.

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