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Innovak products work in the field in a natural way that the plant assimilates, which is why they are part of the ECCA Carboxy technology, which focuses on several segments to solve specific problems of technical agriculture.

Highly Assimilated Potassium Provider

It provides high potassium assimilation for better ripening, color and size of the fruits.

The aliphatic acids ECCA Carboxy® contained in the formulation favor an efficient flow of potassium, at translaminar level and through the conduction tissues towards the places of demand, causing a quick response in size, color and ripening of the fruits.

  • Prevents and corrects potassium deficiencies.
  • Increase the size of the fruits, bulbs and tubers.
  • It favors the emptying of reserves for storage organs.
  • It induces good color and stratification of the fruit.
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