It is a line of bio-preparations that contain stabilized microorganisms and that perform crop protection effects against diseases caused by nematodes or phytopathogenic fungi or bio-stimulant and nutritional effects such as nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilization and micronutrients. They are characterized by being the only biopreparations that contain an exudate inducer (Exu Root) that ensures the response of the microorganism. They are easily applied to the root, through pressurized irrigation systems.

Promoter of Biological Fertility

It recovers the phytobenephic microbiology and maintains the productive capacity of the soils.

Biofit® RTU is a formulation that restores the microbiology of depleted soils and comprehensively maintains biological fertility, since it contains a diversity of beneficial soil microorganisms that allow optimizing the nutrition and development of the crop, improving the soil structure, favoring the plant health from the root. Finally, the establishment, colonization and biochemical activity of rhizospheric microbiology is maintained for long periods of time thanks to the release of root exudates that ExuRoot® induces.

• Enriches the microbiology of the soil.

• Improves activity and root development.

• Optimizes the nutritional status of the crop.

• The use of Biofit® RTU contributes to the improvement of the soil structure.

• Increases the productivity of the crop.

• Easy to apply and handle.

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