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A line of bio-preparations containing stabilized beneficial root and soil fungi and bacteria microorganisms that protect crops from diseases caused by plant parasitic nematodes and plant phytopathogenic microorganisms that cause plant, root and soil disease. Innovak Global’s beneficial microbiological root and soil inoculants also have plant growth biostimulant properties and, nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilization and micronutrients solubilization. Innovak Global’s microbiological root and soil inoculant products are the only bio-preparations on the market that contain a root exudate inducing biostimulant (Exu–Root) that statistically increases long term root zone colonization numbers of the beneficial microbes being applied. Biofit N – OMRI listed in AZ, CA, CO, FL, Tx and WA

BioFit N is OMRI listed and specifically formulated to introduce root and soil beneficial microorganisms into the crop production system to improve overall soil and plant health.

Additionally, BioFit N has a synergistic combination of root and soil beneficial microorganisms that fix atmospheric nitrogen into the soil and solubilization phosphorus and micronutrients. The microbes in BioFit N have also been statistically shown to improve root mass and root branching, which facilitate better root uptake of water and nutrients into the plant from the soil substrate. The ExuRoot Plant root carboxyl acid biostimulant also increases the colorization of the root zone of the microorganisms in BioFit N, which substantially increases the overall efficacy of improved crop health and quality.

  • Enriches the soil microbiology.
  • Improves root activity and development.
  • Optimizes the nutritional status of the crop.
  • The use of Biofit N contributes to the improvement of the soil structure.
  • Increases crop productivity.
  • Easy application and handling with improved solubility for ease of mixing into the irrigation water.

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