Peru Fertilizer 

It is a line of formulations aimed at increasing the productivity of crops, improving the quality of the harvested fruits or reducing the damage caused by environmental stress. They are products for easy application to the root or by foliar spraying in low doses that influence the metabolism of plants to improve the performance of their functions.

It promotes rapid recovery and metabolism reestablishment in crops subjected to stress (heat, drought, toxicity, low light or low temperature).

Its formulation induces the synthesis of polyols, which act as compatible solutes and enzymatic protectants, which together with an amount of phosphorus that is incorporated into the energy molecules of ATP, reestablish the metabolic activity of the plant quickly and for a long time.

  • Reduces yield or quality losses caused by biotic or abiotic stressors.
  • Recovers crops after handling stress.
  • It restores the vigor of the crop after transplanting or periods of dormancy.
  • Prevents and corrects disorders caused by deficient carbon metabolism, example: spring fever.
  • Reduces the phytotoxicity caused by inappropriate applications of agrochemicals.
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