Brazil Fertilizer

It is a line of formulations aimed at increasing the productivity of crops, improving the quality of the harvested fruits or reducing the damage caused by environmental stress. They are products for easy application to the root or by foliar spraying in low doses that influence the metabolism of plants to improve the performance of their functions.

It prevents the attack and the incidence of leaf and root diseases.

ActiDefense® has a dual mode of action; on one hand, it contains potassium phosphites that induce phytosolines biosynthesis for cultivation, and on the other hand, its formulation induce the proteins activity related to pathogens; Increases the defense capacity of crops with a broader spectrum of action compared to traditional phosphites.

  • Prevents yield losses due to the attack of some pathogens in the crop.
  • It decreases the incidence and severity of some diseases.
  • Coadjuvant in restoring the health of infested plants.
  • It favors fruit filling as it provides easy assimilation of potassium and phosphorus.
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