Chelated micronutrients for use in fertigation

What does it do?

Prevents and corrects nutritional disorders caused by deficiency of micronutrients under any water irrigation conditions and soil pH.

How does it work?

Carboxy® Micro contains ECCA Carboxy® extracts and chelated micronutrients that allow it to remain in solution under extreme conditions of pH, and in the presence of carbonates and calcium in the soil or irrigation water. Additionally, chelated iron is effectively translocated by the conducting tissues to provide the maximum amount of nutrients to demanding tissue.


  • Prevents yield losses caused by micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Eliminates risks of irrigation systems obstruction by precipitation of insoluble salts.
  • Prevents and corrects micronutrient deficiencies in crops, even in calcareous alkaline soils.
  • Easy use and application.
  • Produces rapid results in crops.