Plant Anti-stress Bioestimulant

What does it do?

The product promotes a rapid recovery and re-establishment of the metabolism in crops exposed to stress conditions (i.e. heat, drought, toxicity, low light or low temperature).

How does it work?

The ECCA Carboxylic Acids of this formulation induce the synthesis of polyols, which act as compatible solutes to hydrate the cell and protect enzymes that work in conjunction with the amount of phosphorus entering the cell as ATP energy molecules to restore the metabolic activity of the plant quickly and for an extended amount of time.


  • Reduces losses in yield or quality caused by biotic or abiotic stress.
  • Recuperates crops after periods of stress caused by poor management.
  • Recovers crop vigor after a transplant or period of lethargy.
  • Prevents and remediates symptoms caused by poor carbon metabolism, i.e. spring fever.
  • Decreases phytotoxicity caused by inadequate application of agrochemicals.