What does it do?

Generates a good ground physical structure to promote root growth, moisture, and aeration, helping to protect the crop against stress caused by salts.

How does it work?

One part of the oligomers of ECCA Carboxy® contained in the formulation of Promesol®Ca+ attracts ground particles which encourages aggregate formation and creates a good balance of macro and micro pores, making ground spongy and easy to handle. The other part of the oligomers to facilitate the involvement of calcium in the root cell membranes while maintaining integrity and protecting against stress caused by salinity, acidity, and aluminum and manganese toxicity.


  • Reduce losses in performance and quality caused by stress factors biotics and abiotic.
  • Recover the crops after a handle stress.
  • Revive the crop vigor after transplant or lethargy periods.
  • Prevent and edit disorders caused for a deficient carbon metabolism, example: Spring fever.
  • Reduce the phytotoxicity caused for unsuitable application in agrochemicals.