Inducer of root exudates

What does it do?

Ensures a good response from beneficial microorganisms formulations by optimizing the operations of the roots, promoting the exudation of compounds that act as signaling molecules or carbon sources for the microbes in the rhizosphere.

How does work?

The aromatic ECCA Carboxy® acids from Exu-Root® promote the activity of primary metabolism reactions which increase the total amount of compounds released as a source of food for the microorganisms. The product also increases secondary metabolism reactions which promotes the signaling between the root and microorganisms. These two actions increase microbial colonization in the rhizosphere.


  • Assures a good response from the microbiological formulations applied to the root.
  • Promotes the colonization and establishment of beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere.
  • Improves the protective actions of antagonistic microorganisms against pathogens that affect the root.